Placemats - Birds of the NW Series - Set of 4

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Placemats - Birds of the NW Series - Set of 4

Each placemat is 11 x 17 with a rim. They are laminated, both sides, and sealed. Use a damp cloth to wash off.

These Northwest birds are a selection of some of my favorite:

I - Eagle, Quail, Anna's Hummingbird, Western Bluebird, Cooper's Hawk
II - Wood Duck, Raven, Great Blue Heron, Varied Thrush, Tundra Swan
III - Crow, Rufus Hummingbird, Yellow-Rumped Warbler, Great Horned Owl, Wild Turkey
IV - Gull, Anna's Hummingbird, Pheasant, Great Blue HeronThese are all my images. I take the shot, enhance them and in this case I had Abbott's Printing in Yakima, WA print and laminate the placemats for me.

Substitutions are allowed in my sets, just let me know which four images you want and I will send those.