About me



My name is Barbara Ansley-Vensas and I'd like to welcome you to my website.

I am a Photographer and an Artist and I live and sell mostly in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.  Washington and Oregon is where I do a majority of my shows.

For 2020 all in person shows have been cancelled so your only access to my creations is on this website.

All the images I print and sell are my own except for 2.  My mom, Jane Ansley, took the image of Ginger (her cat) and my husband, David Vensas, took the picture of my cat Marmalade.

To create my work, I take a photo with my camera and edit it using software.  This process is called Enhanced Photography.  I then print it on to ceramic, glass or metal using Dye Sublimation or I print it onto paper using Epson inks.  My canvasses I have printed by my production partner, Seattle Stretch and Staple.

All my items are shipped from Washington State.  I ship out of Ellensburg, WA and my prints are shipped from Seattle.  

If you have comments or questions, please use the Contact Us link to send an email to me.  I will get back to you ASAP.

You can also contact me on facebook