Placemats - Birds of the NW Large - Set of 4

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Placemats - Birds of the NW Large - Set of 4 (Warbler, Anna's Hummingbird, Black and White Crow, California Quail)

Each placemat is 11 x 17 with a rim. They are laminated, both sides, and sealed. Use a damp cloth to wash off.

These 4 birds that I took in the Northwest are some of my best sellers. The Yellow Rumped Warbler was feeding on insects in my pond on it's annual migration . The Anna's Hummingbird was feeding at my parent's house in Port Townsend, WA. The Black and White Crow was at the Coupeville ferry terminal. The California Quail was guarding his enormous brood while they were feeding on our property in Central Oregon.

These are all my images. I take the shot, enhance them and in this case I had Abbott's Printing in Yakima, WA print and laminate the placemats for me.

Substitutions are allowed in my sets, just let me know which four images you want and I will send those.