Great Horned Owl Female -Large Glass Cutting Board - 12 in x 15 in

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Great Horned Owl Girl Large Glass Cutting Board -12 in x 15 in

100% USA Made Tempered Glass Cutting Board with 4 adhesive rubber feet. Completely dishwasher safe.

This female Great Horned Owl was being shared with us at the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge Birds and Bluegrass Festival by the Audubon Society of Portland's bird show . Her name is Julio, apparently they thought she was male when they named her, but a DNA test proved otherwise.

I am a multi-media artist and this is an Enhanced Photograph.

To make cutting board, I buy the blanks and then sublimate the image onto the back.

All the cutting boards can also be used as a Trivet or Cheese board as well.

These cutting boards make great gifts!