Giraffe Large Coffee Mug 15 Oz

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Giraffe Large Coffee Mug 15 Oz

Love a big cup of coffee? This is called a 15 Ounce mug, but it will hold 16 ounces, barely. It is microwaveable and will go in the dishwasher.

I took this shot at Scheiner's Ranch on the Washington side of the Columbia River near Dalles Port. We were surprised by the apperance of Spotted Deer in a field next to the road. Spotted Deer are not native to the US. We pulled into the nearest turn out and saw a sign inviting us to view the ranch inhabitants during daylight hours by staying in the car and turning around at the 2nd barn. The Giraffes were at the 2nd barn. We also so Zebras and Camels and lots of other exotic animals. It was great and FREE!

This image is an Enhanced Photograph.

This mug was made in China, but I do all my own printing.