Ceramic Tile or Spoon Rest - Painted Bunting - 3 in x 6 in Satin

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Ceramic Tile or Spoon Rest 3 in x 6 in - Painted Bunting

Such a beautiful little bird! Mother nature is blowing my mind with how wonderful this Painted Bunting is colored.  Wow! This was my first time seeing this bird.  We visited the Audubon's Corkscrew Swamp Preserve near Naples, Florida in January and saw several males and females.  What a treat!

I am a multimedia artist and this is an Enhanced Photograph.  To make the tile, I take the picture, edit it digitally, print it onto the tile using Dye Sublimation.  I buy the Satin blanks from a US manufacturer.  I do all my own work and I make each one individually.

If you prefer to hang this I will adhere a sawtooth hanger on the back as opposed to the silicone feet I show.  Please let me know.