Ceramic Tile or Spoon Rest - Brown Pelican - 3 in x 6 in Satin

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Ceramic Tile or Spoon Rest 3 in x 6 in - Brown Pelican

I took this image on Fort Myers Beach in Florida.  The Pelicans were diving and resting and bathing all around and on the old pilings on the beach.  Very beautiful.

I am a multimedia artist and this is an Enhanced Photograph.  To make the tile, I take the picture, edit it digitally, print it onto the tile using Dye Sublimation.  I buy the Satin blanks from a US manufacturer.  I do all my own work and I make each one individually.

If you prefer to hang this I will adhere a sawtooth hanger on the back as opposed to the silicone feet I show.  Please let me know.