Posted by Barbara Ansley-Vensas on Sep 1st 2019

Best Shipping Prices Here!!! My site is no longer on ETSY!!!


I am very pleased to announce my latest site with great prices that you find at my shows!  

The Back Story:

In July, Etsy, who had hosted my site for the last 8 years, required all stores to list their wares with "Free Shipping" in the continental US.   Sounds great right?  Not if you live anywhere but on the East Coast.   I sell my work out of Washington State, so I had to add the cost of shipping to the East Coast to all my items.  In some cases the prices almost doubled.

The truth is "Free Shipping" just means I have added the price of the shipping to the product.  If you live close to to me, which most of my customers do, you were paying too much.  Actually, hardly anyone did and it was ruining my sales.


At this site, your payments are processed through SQUARE, just as they are at the shows and you get the best shipping prices I can offer.

I can also add more features to this site, so stay tuned for more!!!

Thank you again!!